Programming Overdose Selfie

No future as of now for programming? I can redirect energy and imaginations to photography again.

What feeling should I start with? Let’s try a fantasy of ‘What if one has been programming too much and locked inside the virtual, pixelated world? Let’s get out!!!’i

Even the street is surreal in Montmartre

Hot Mess au Jardin du Luxembourg à Paris

Il s’agit de la campagne française

In this August summer day, It’s all about the French countryside in Normandy.

NYC Moment @ Oct. 26th, 2013

Due to über busy recent month programming a spaceship at work, I didn’t had any time to do photos.

But I won’t let it go so easily. Let’s start the photo journey with a New York City moment. What’s the NYC moment you want to capture? Tourists usually take Times Square, Statue of Liberty, high rises. Locals may be more intrigued by Lower East Side, Williamsburg in Brooklyn. In this particular October day, I enjoyed Washington and Christopher at this corner in the Greenwich Village.

250 posts!

250 posts!

November 13, 2013 0 Share this

Birds and the City

100% iPhone shot. Though wish I had my camera.

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2 Towers from iPhone

I have my vision of the 2 towers just like those in Lord of the Ring. Especially tonight I like the white color of the Empire Building far back there.

Running Against Time

Never really dealt with this feeling with anything. So I’m dealing with the fact that I’m always running against time. So little time to have to do so many things. So dealing with it with spinning around in this photo.

Un Autre Angle

En haut d’une église

After coming back to the hardcore NYC American life for a while since August, I feel to need to deal with this a little bit. So in next several images, we are going back to France a little bit with summer sun.

Horrified Portrait

When making this image, all I had in mind was “if I were to be the protagonist in a horror movie, what would be the last look on my face before something horrible happens to me?”  The horror series continues.


I will see you there after you die

The side effect of watching too many horror movies continue to influence my photo aesthetic.

Smoking the Dream

Told my friend if he modeled for me, I would give him a film-noir-squé mug shot. :)